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Чертежи » Дипломні і курсові роботи : Машинобудування і механника : Спеціальна техніка / Навісне обладнання : Course project - Refueller of average capacity “ТЗ-7,5-500A” / Заправщик средней мощности “ТЗ-7,5-500A”

Course project - Refueller of average capacity “ТЗ-7,5-500A” / Заправщик средней мощности “ТЗ-7,5-500A”

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Коротко о файле: NAU / Aerospace Institute / Airport Technologies Department / On discipline “Aircraft ground support equipment” / Refueller “ТЗ-7,5-500A” is intended for mechanical refueling of aircraft with aviation fuel by open and close refueling on the concrete airfields at ambient temperatures from -40 to + 50 ° C. / Composition: 2 sheets of drawings (General view of Refueller "TK-7,5-500A"; scheme of principle of operation) + explanatory note.
Course project - Refueller of average capacity “ТЗ-7,5-500A” / Заправщик средней мощности “ТЗ-7,5-500A”

1. Means for aircraft refueling.
2. Refueller “ТЗ-7,5-500А”:
2.1. General information;
2.2. Technical characteristics;
2.3. Description of basic aggregates;
2.4. Features of operation;
2.5. Technical maintenance.
3. Conclusions.
4. References.

On the chassis of the car there is mounted tank of elliptical cross-section, welded from steel 3 mm thick, while the bottom of the tank is made of steel 4 mm thick. Under the tank (near the middle of the tank), there is a self-priming centrifugal impeller pump “СЦЛ-20-24a”. The pump of left rotation is driven by the vehicle engine via a power gear box. For controlling the pumped fuel consumption accounter “ВЖУ-100-1,6” is installed. For clearing of fuel fine filter with a capacity of 750 l / min is used. The tanker includes two reception hoses 65 mm in diameter and 4.5 m in length, two dispensing hoses with a diameter of 50 mm in length and 9 to 15 m.
Based on the features of the refueller operation, respectively the base chassis is modified:
1. Replacement of electrics – according to Safety Requirements for refuellers wiring in the tank area should take place only in the pipes, so the harness from operator cabin to the rear pad is completely replaced and do indent into the tube. In addition, the sensors were placed and tachometer display unit (sensor - on power gear box, the instrument - on the control panel in the cockpit control), operating time counter (in the cabin on the panel).
2. The factory installed one-speed power gear box and the cardan shaft to drive the pump.
3. Pneumatics: the air outlet of the power gear box, pneumatic latch “ДУ-65” and automatic filling of the tank are installed.
4. The container for stand-by wheel of own production, which was very similar to “МАЗ” is installed.
5. For mounting of control cabin modification of chassis was carried out: removing the rear crossmember and installation of additional profiles, on which then rear cross member is re-fastened .
6. On special request, the radio is installed.

Basic technical characteristics:

Dimensions, mm:










Base, mm:


Track, mm:


Ground clearance, mm:


Turning radius, m:


Mass, kg:

In running order





Lift capacity, kg:


Reservoir capacity, l:






Time of filling reservoir, min:


Time of emptying reservoir, min:


Performance of the dispensing system at the pump shaft rotational speed 1700 rev / min, l / min .:

Through 1 fuelling nozzle “РП-40Г”

Through 2 fuelling nozzles

Through  fuelling tip “2561А-8”







In my course paper I have considered such special vehicle as refueller. Depending on the capacity of fuel tanks refuellers can be of different types, but all in all this vehicle should meet a series of requirements: the required capacity of the tank, a high performance of dispensing system, filtration fineness, speed and simplicity of connection to the aircraft, convenience and simplicity of usage, universality (refueling of aircraft of various types) in order to make the flights regular and safety. As an example of refueller of average capacity I have described “ТЗ-7,5-500А”, which is mounted on the basic chassis “МАЗ-500А”.
Such points were enlightened in this work as: basic operations which refueller can perform; technical characteristics of refueller; description of its main aggregates and their representation; explaining peculiarities of refueller operation and its technical maintenance.

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